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Readwhere Mobile CMS is your answer to build native applications for iOS, Android and Mobile Web, and drive higher engagement with your content.

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How Readwhere Mobile CMS can help you

Readwere Mobile CMS is a mobile first content management system, that takes content from your existing CMS and allows you to design and build beautiful and engaging mobile experiences.

News and Media publishers can easily configure their content, via RSS or feed formats, to setup their content to be delivered for their custom applications. Setup your categories, photo galleries or other media content easily. Sending Breaking News notifications, or notifications for important news stories, as they are published.

As a Blogger or a content publisher, one of the biggest challenges is to mobile a seamless mobile experience to your followers or readers. With Readwhere Mobile CMS you can setup your content easily using RSS feeds, design the application, colour schemes to look like your blog and keep your readers engaged with a notification every time you publish something new or interesting. Social sharing integrated inside the app will ensure that your readers can share the posts via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email and other social sharing platforms.

Video content creator or a YouTube Publisher, do you know that mobile video viewing is growing as a share of all video viewing. With the Readwhere Mobile CMS, you can easily bring in your videos for playback, and building a captive audience though a Mobile Application. YouTube publishers can just add their channel URL and bring all videos into the application. It’s that easy.

Rich Media consumption on Mobile now accounts for almost 70-75% of the total viewers. Platforms like Instagram have shown how important Mobile is for Pictures and Photographers. With the Readwhere Mobile CMS you can create an app which allows you to bring all your pictures into a native app in iOS and Android. Share your pictures, and keep them as crystal clear as ever.

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